A Shared Agenda for Change

Scotland CAN DO is our shared statement of intent towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation: a CAN DO place for Business.

What is Scotland CAN DO?

And why should it matter to me?

Perhaps best to begin by saying what it is not.

It's NOT an organisation.

It's NOT a policy.

It's NOT a soundbite.

What it is, very simply, is our shared statement of intent towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation: a CAN DO place for business.  This is based on the clear recognition that if we are to achieve sustainable economic growth, and create opportunities for everyone in Scotland to flourish, then we must work together to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation across Scotland.

Shared with whom, exactly?

Well, on our Partners page you will see just some of organisations who are demonstrating commitment to that goal in on way or another. Just as importantly, they are committed to working with each other to make that goal a reality.

But they are not the only ones and moving forward we would like to see an increasing number of organisations identify themselves as partners of Scotland CAN DO. All that means is that you are committed to the goal in a clear and practical way and that you affirm the values shown on the Our Values page of this website.

So how do I get involved?


If you want to be a Partner, or feel you are already and want to affirm it publicly, simply get in touch via our Contact form (accessed via the envelope icon at the top right hand side of your screen).

Likewise do get in touch if you think you may have a good Case Study to share. Such case studies should have a clear emphasis on support from, or collaboration with, partners in the ecosytem. You can access our existing Case Studies through the themes (Grow, Learn, Be, Explore) on the Home page.

But how did it all come about?

Good question.  It all began with the publication by the Scottish Government of Scotland CAN DO: Becoming a World-leading Entrepreneurial and Innovation in November 2013. 

This was then followed by the Scotland CAN DO Action Framework in April 2014

Both these documents affirmed the Scottish Government's commitment to building a more entrepreneurial and innovative society and highlighted areas where we were collaborating with partners to realise that goal.  Follow the links (above) to find out more.

How will we know the approach is working?

Again, a very good question.  To some extent, we are dealing with intangibles here.  After all, the degree to which a culture truly values entrepreneurship and innovation is not easily measured.  Nevertheless, we have identified some key indicators which, collectively, we can use as a proxy for measuring our progress as a nation.  You can check out these indicators in the Dashboard section of the website. 

Where do I find specific information and advice?

It is important to realise that this website is principally designed to celebrate what is out there and to promote greater collaboration amongst the organisations that can help you start up, grow or diversify your business.  For help that is specific to your needs, you should refer to to specific partner organisations and initiatives as mentioned on this website.  We do hope, however, that the website will breed greater understanding of the powerful impact that these services can have.

And how do I keep in touch?

Simply refer to our Blog section, where news and events are listed alongside opinion pieces (again, refer to our partners for more specific and comprehensive details).  Or follow us on Twitter @candoscotland.  (#scotlandcando).

“Our vision is of Scotland as a world-leading entrepreneurial nation - a CAN DO place for business. We invite all of our enterprising citizens, businesses and organisation to join with us, in a Team Scotland effort, to make that vision a reality.”

- John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and the Economy

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