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Meeting GlobalScot Brian Edwards unlocked the Oil and Gas market for Glenhead Engineering


Turning knowledge into power

Glenhead Engineering had found it hard to break into the oil and gas market with their precision engineering services.

An introduction to GlobalScot Brian Edwards of SPX was a catalyst for expansion into the oil and gas sector, both in the Scottish market and abroad. Brian liked what he saw and an opportunity came up with SPX which gave Glenhead the chance to show their mettle. They didn’t disappoint.


Glenhead was exhibiting at SPE Offshore Conference in Aberdeen, on the Scottish Enterprise stand. The Glenhead team were introduced to GlobalScot Brian Edwards from SPX at the Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen.


Drilling deeper

Brian talked at length with Glenhead’s Director and a few days later visited their premises in Clydebank to see their factory and machining capabilities. Operations Manager Sharon Colvan recalled: “They we here for several hours into the evening chatting with us, finding out all about us, giving us pointers of ideas for potential markets and the people we could speak to”.


The procurement team at SPX asked if Glenhead could fulfil a last minute contract to manufacture turbine parts.


Breaking into the oil and gas market

SPX was coming to the end of a major project to build a nuclear power station in Taiwan before the change of government, and needed impellors for the reactor. 15 years’ worth of work hung in the balance if it wasn’t completed by the deadline, so it was high risk, high-profile, tight timescales and pressured. “We knew we had to pull out the stops. We had guys working through the night for six weeks. Our parts were right first time, every time so they were really happy.”


From great beginnings

Glenhead Engineering recently moved into new premises in Clydebank, and the company has a real buzz about it, from all of the staff. That feel-good factor can be traced, at least in part to the opportunities which sprang from Brian’s advice, and that first contract into with SPX.


Sharon told us, “We had been finding it quite hard to break into the Aberdeen energy market. But now we’ve started to win contracts with some of the big players and we’re exporting to places like Dubai and the Czech Republic. Things are beginning to happen.”



The time Brian spent getting to know the Glenhead team was invaluable. He’d seen enough to personally recommend Glenhead to SPX’s procurement team. “All you can do is give companies like this the opportunity”, Brian said.  “In this case Glenhead stepped up to the mark and we’ve gained another skilled supplier.”


“Brian gave us an insight into how we might be able to grow the business. He gave us a nudge in the right direction” Sharon told us. “He saw for himself that we could do it and that counts for so much. Having him vouch for us at SPX made all the difference.”


“Brian gave us an insight into how we might be able to grow the business. He gave us a nudge in the right direction.”

- Sharon Colvan, Operations Manager

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