Legacy Programme boosting Scotland's entrepreneurial ambition

POY (Power of Youth) was founded in 2011 in recognition that the world needs action orientated purpose driven role models for the next generation and that business provides an exceptional platform to help humanity reach its potential.

A programme to inspire and support Scotland's young entrepreneurs

The aim of the Legacy Programme was to provide a platform for 200 aspirational entrepreneurs to learn from more advanced entrepreneurs in a one day event. And to support 30 of Scotland’s top young entrepreneurs in a 12 month, four stage peer-mentoring programme with three primary elements:

  • Ecosystem Development: A series of four residentials led and financed by entrepreneurs focused on developing the Scottish enterprise ecosystem;
  • Pay-it-Forward: Structured mentoring to embed a culture of values based business in Scotland’s business elite and next generation entrepreneurs;
  • Scotland’s Future: Collaboration across agencies and support organisations to identify and nurture young business leaders and accelerate their business success.


Over the 12 month period POY hit some significant milestones in addition to creating a new manual for entrepreneurial upstarts – POY Go

POY Go is an online platform and manual that shares the insights, resources and knowledge from the top young game-changing entrepreneurs from around the world. It is a vehicle for enterprise education that has a vision for building a better world captured within it.

“I can see the Power of Youth gaining the attention of the whole world, they have captured the spirit of a generation.” Rao Jin co-founder of Ren Ren (China’s Facebook) CEO and founder of April Media

“POY is like a meditation, it brings clarity, it brings perspective and massive inspiration (personal and business). It connects values that we have with what we do and helps prioritise projects we want to be involved, people we want to work with. Its a peer to peer sharing experience of contacts, ideas and is a massive boost. But the main point with POY is that its personal, its deep and meaningful, we really care about each other.” Linas Ceikus POY Fellow | Vantage Program Alum | CEO - Activity Gifts

“POY is like a meditation, it brings clarity, it brings perspective and massive inspiration ”

- Linas Ceikus, POY Fellow

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