Going strong with a helping hand from Scottish Enterprise

The Scottish Co-investment Fund invests in start-up businesses or companies planning expansion into new products and/or markets. Through this fund, the Scottish Investment Bank (the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise) can match private investment £1 for £1, to a maximum of 50% of the total funding package. The Scottish Investment Bank invests on equal terms with the partner.

A Story of Innovation and Growth powered by Co-investment

In early 2003, David Gow led a spin-out company out from the National Health Service via Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL).  The company became the first spin out from the NHS to receive significant private and public sector investment, including from Archangel Informal Investments and the Scottish Co-investment Fund. 

In 2007, Touch Bionics launched the i-limb™ hand, the first powered prosthetic hand to incorporate articulating fingers. The following year it acquired US company, livingskin™, which provides the lifelike passive functional prostheses and prosthetic coverings for the i-limb™ technology. In 2013 the company introduced the latest generation of advanced prosthetic technology, i-limb™ ultra revolution, a myoelectric prosthesis with powered rotating thumb and a mobile app allowing the user program and control features whilst on the move.


Touch Bionics continues to innovate and lead the world in the development of upper limb prosthetic technologies. The company is committed to delivering positive patient outcomes and improving the lives of people with upper limb deficiencies across the world.


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