Last updated 23 November 2017

The share of SME Employers in Scotland aiming to grow was 63 per cent in 2016, an increase from 62 per cent in 2015. This compares to the UK share of 66 per cent in 2016.



A key challenge is to turn SMEs into growth orientated businesses. Growth aspiration is important in this respect with research showing that owner-managers who have high aspirations for their business are more likely to subsequently grow their business, although the effect of aspiration is small to medium rather than high, and is more robust for established than young businesses.


The indicator measures the proportion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Employers (those with 1 to 249 employees) that aim to grow in the next 2 to 3 years. Criteria for dashboard recent performance colour: If change is within +/- 3 percentage point this suggests that the position is within measurement error and is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change. An increase of 3 percentage point or more suggests that the position is improving, whereas a decrease of 3 percentage point or more suggests that the position is worsening.


This indicator is published in the Small Business Survey Scotland 2014 report:


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