Last updated 23 November 2017

Over the latest year, the Registered Intellectual Property rate in Scotland has increased, from 44.3 registrations per 100,000 resident population in 2015 to 51.9 registrations per 100,000 resident population in 2016.



Intellectual Property (IP) data is widely used to measure innovation. Registered IP includes patents, trade marks and designs registered with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). A patent protects an invention against anyone making, using, selling or importing the invention without permission. A trade mark is a sign which distinguishes products and services. Trade marks are used as marketing tools so that customers can recognise a product or service. A registered design protects the visual appearance of a product, part of a product, or its ornamentation. This IP right gives no protection for how a product works but merely for its appearance. Registered IP demonstrates where more technical innovations have been protected but will tend to exclude process innovations, much of which takes place within the service sector.


The indicator measures the total number of patents granted, trademark applications registered and design applications registered in Scotland per 100,000 adults. Criteria for dashboard recent performance colour: The evaluation is based on: any difference within +/- 1 registration per 100,000 adults suggests that the position is more likely to be maintaining than showing any change. An increase of 1 registration per 100,000 adults or more suggests the position is improving; whereas a decrease of 1 registration per 100,000 adults or more suggests the position is worsening.


Data for indicator is published in the UK IPO facts and figures report: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/facts-and-figures The population estimates used to form the rates are sourced from the Mid-Year Population Estimates, published by the National Records of Scotland: http://www.nrscotland.gov.uk/statistics-and-data/statistics/statistics-by-theme/population/population-estimates/mid-year-population-estimates


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