BAWE Scotland

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs Scotland


We mentor and support female business owners who have a turnover of £100K+, employ staff and have been operating 3 years or more, plus have put their own money at risk.

Meetings are relaxed and take the form of a mix of social and business networking  over a dinner. Whilst we are always delighted to hear of business being generated through a BAWE contact or from a meeting, our principle focus is on support and discussion of topical business matters and taking a leadership role on issues relating to women in business at a local, national and international level. We are one of few, if any, groups for female entrepreneurs that has international connections for your business growth and provides mentoring for growing businesses within our international membership on request. We give access to the online portal to post your business details to FCEM members all over the world.

Interesting Facts

Based in Scotland

Linked to BAWE UK wide

Linked to internationally in 120 countries and over 1000 women

Participates in Women20 gender equality for the G20

Dinner meetings with female role model entrepreneurs


Established 1954



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