Business Gateway

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Every year Business Gateway helps thousands of people start and grow their business helping them to unlock their innovative flair and entrepreneurial talent.

The free support includes a comprehensive website ( with informative guides, thought provoking articles and inspirational case studies as well as a catalogue of workshops helping to develop key business skills such as sales and marketing, financial management and ICT.

Business Gateway ensures that relevant support from other partners is identified and accessed to ensure that clients get the best possible support to realise their potential.

Key Facts

  1. Business Gateway’s business advisory services are available for free, to all Scottish SMEs
  2. Business Gateway helped more than 62,000 businesses to set up in the last six years - 10,153 new businesses were set up with support from Business Gateway last year (April 2013 – March 2014). Almost 90% of BG clients stated that the support they received would provide some/significant benefit to their business and 87% stated that BG had met or exceeded their expectations
  3. Business Gateway dealt with a record 57,046 enquiries in 2013/14 and almost 20,000 businesses contacted Business Gateway for the first time. The main reasons for contacting Business gateway were to: help start a business69% help access finance/grant support35% help grow a business30% Advice on Sales and marketing28% Advice on IT/online trading/social networking18%
  4. Businesses that work with Business Gateway have a higher survival rate than those that don’t. Figures provided by the Office of National Statistics, show that the three-year survival rate for businesses started in Scotland in 2009, is just over 60%.For businesses that worked with Business Gateway during the same period, the survival rate is 81%.
  5. There are 57 local Business Gateway offices across Scotland
  6. Business Gateway has over 200 business advisers across Scotland - 93% of BG Advisers’ clients felt that they understood their business issues and needs
  7. Over 3000 free business workshops are delivered every year attracting around 20,000 business people – 95% of attendees rated the workshops good/very good
  8. Business Gateway’s website attracts around half a million visitors viewing over 1.5 million pages.
  9. Business Gateway acts as a signposting service to partners including Local Authority (LA) economic development departments and other LA service areas, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International and Skills Development Scotland
  10. Business Gateway’s MyBusiness app has been downloaded over ten thousand times since its launch last year

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