CAN DO Places

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CAN DO Places ( focusses on communities and groups to identify opportunities and tackle them in an entrepreneurial way. The aim is to enable, inform and inspire these groups, with an emphasis on their maximising the entrepreneurial opportunities presented by footfall in Scotland’s town centres. This pledge was developed collaboratively with stakeholders and is complementary to commitments made in the Town Centre Action Plan.

Begun in 2014, the programme is delivered by Iain Scott of Scotpreneur in partnership with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC). 

Key Facts

Being enterprising is all about telling and sharing stories to help make things happen. We want to hear stories from people making their place can do.
  • If you are doing something to make your place more enterprising tell us about it and we will post it in our postcards.
  • If you have a problem making things happen tell us about it and we will share it with our great network-somebody somewhere out there can help.
  • If you want us to do a feature, podcast or film on your Can Do Places activity and journey get in touch.
  • If there is a common obstacle or opportunity with a group then we will organise an event – either online or at a venue to see how we can help you make it happen.

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