Cultural Enterprise Office

Supporting Creative Businesses Across Scotland


Cultural Enterprise Office support Scotland’s creative businesses. Their services help creative micro-businesses (that's a business employing less than 10 people with a turnover less than £1.6 million) and individuals build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Whether your ambitions lie in the commercial or not-for-profit sectors, they can offer support to you at any stage.

They support Scotland’s creative businesses through all stages of their business journey. They do this by providing specialist information and advice, as well as training and networking opportunities.

They believe that start-up, growing and established businesses can all benefit from learning more about sound business principles. Their tailored service gives their clients the support they need to help their ideas float.


  • 84% of their clients have greater clarity about what to do next after meeting with them.

  • 76% have the confidence to realise their ambitions.

  • They foster entrepreneurial capacity

  • They strengthen creative practice

  • They build financial resilience

  • They run programmes which develop innovation and ability across the Creative Industries.

  • Starter for 6 for innovative creative start-ups.

  • Flourish Mentoring for established creative businesses.

  • Fashion Foundry – specific project to help develop a fashion community and ultimately industry in Scotland.

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