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Building a better world through business


Our mission is to live in a world where every entrepreneur is driven by a purpose greater than profit, every business a force for good and everyone has the opportunity to contribute towards the uplifting of society, so that together we can build a better world through business.

POY (Power of Youth) was founded in 2011 in recognition that the world needs action orientated purpose driven role models for the next generation and that business provides an exceptional platform to help humanity reach its potential.

With this in mind, the Metta Network was built. The Metta Network is founded on one simple idea: that it is time for the business world to fulfil its potential for uplifting societies across the world. We call this “building a better world through business”, and the drive is being led by entrepreneurs with a purpose beyond profit. These entrepreneurs run game-changing businesses, which:

·        Show real care for the people they employ;

·        Work in harmony with local communities;

·        Supply uplifting and innovative products and services to the market; and

·        Take active measures to minimise harm done to the environment.

People and businesses like this are dotted all over the world – the Metta Network is a place for them to come together for reflection, inspiration, connection and acceleration. Power of Youth is entering its third year of running game changing programmes in Scotland that bring this all to life.

Key Facts

In the last 3 years we have run over 21 events and programmes over 3 continents with participants from 24 countries. Our events and programmes are where entrepreneurs and supporters come together to reflect on their purpose, get inspired, connect to one another and accelerate their work.

In the last 12 months we have leveraged over half a million dollars of pro-bono support into 16 businesses to help them scale. The Metta Network consists of an array of extraordinary people carving their own path to build meaningful businesses, to create new opportunities for growth and – ultimately – value for societies everywhere.

           4 Global Summits in China, South Africa, Scotland and India

           147 Participating Entrepreneurs

           16 Enterprises Received $500,000+ of Pro-Bono Growth Support

           412 People Attended Public Events

           200 Thousand Video Loads

           17 Regional Events and Programmes

           24 Countries Represented

           33 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 25


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