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 WEvolution is growing a movement of resourceful and bolder people who are inspiring change, pride and enterprise in their local communities.  

Started in  2011, this movement of people in groups called Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) is building  is starting to alter the semiotics and message about people who live in disadvantaged (we call them ‘least understood’) communities in Scotland. 

WEvolution’s Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) are the first of their kind in Scotland and the rest of the UK.  

The SRG approach nurtures an environment wherein people, especially women, are enabled to come together to help each other, save small amounts of money, learn together and create products or services bringing hope and value to their lives, and in the long term, to their families and local communities. 

Their Core Purpose: People are valuable, resourceful, surprising and can inspire change. Collectively, they can empower each other to challenge systems that limit their potential and create opportunities for themselves and in the long term, for their families and communities.  


Their work and SRGs have figured in the media and some of the links include:

Some of the significant milestones achieved are:  

  • SRGs present in Scotland (Glasgow, Paisley, Dundee, Inverclyde, Edinburgh & Aberdeen); in England (Manchester); and, Wales (Cardiff).

  • Receiving the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Award in September 2013 for introducing a unique model within the Scottish context. 

  • A Ph.D thesis on WEvolution and the impact of the SRGs completed in September 2016 funded by the Glasgow Caledonian University.   

  • Selected to the 2016 New Radical List by NESTA & the Observer (www.theguardian.com/theobserver/2016/jul/10/new-radicals-observer-nesta-story-winners-2016)

  • `A Plan For Scotland: The Scottish Government's Programme For Scotland 2016-17’: www.gov.scot/Resource/0050/00505210.pdf clear support for WEvolution as a movement that’s impacting lives and the culture of enterprise in communities.   


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