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WildHearts is a charity that has that resolve and is committed to launching companies that serve humanity. By combining philanthropy with entrepreneurial efficiency, we create sustainable, vigorously commercial vehicles that enable businesses to fulfil their CSR responsibilities and take a stand against economic injustice in an efficient and credible way.

Our business ethos pervades everything we do. We confront the dependency culture in all its forms. We do not pity the poor, we empower them. We possess an unquenchable belief in the creativity and resilience of the human spirit and so we give the poor in the developing world a hand up and NOT a hand out, by funding microloans and business training. This may explain why WildHearts is such a growing force within our business community; WildHearts is a means of fighting poverty that business people can relate to.

In the UK and North America we stimulate entrepreneurship, deliver enterprise education and create employment opportunites for young people via our Micro-Tyco programme, our Master Class events and the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Summit.


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